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Taking comfort to a whole new level.
Taking comfort to a whole new level.
Taking comfort to a whole new level.
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Best Things to Do With Your Dog in Aspen

Walk around Aspen and you are bound to see a lot of fur….dog fur that is! Aspen has long been known as a community that loves its four-legged aspen information, about aspen Colorado, pet friendly hotelsfriends, and dogs love the snow, trails and attention that are abundant in Aspen. Not only do residents flaunt their furry companions by taking them to work, for walks or on out on the trails, but Aspen welcomes vacationing dogs as well with an assortment of dog-friendly activities that will keep even the most finicky furry friend happy and content.

Dog Walking in the Town of Aspen, Colorado

One way to show of your canine friend is simply to take a casual jaunt around town, window shopping. But for the true, authentic dog-walking experience, you must take a stroll around Burnese Boulevard. This designated dog trail, aptly named for the popular Burnese Mountain Dog breed so prevalent in Colorado, surrounds the perimeter of the Aspen Golf Course just a few blocks from town. A highly social walkabout for local and vacationing dogs, Burnese Boulevard is a must- see-and-be-seen path for your pooch!

Dog-Friendly Hiking and Snowshoeing in Aspen

Aspen has an extensive number of beautiful snowy trails that welcome outdoor enthusiasts to snowshoe. Dogs love the freedom of a playful winter hike and, there are several dog-friendly snowshoe trails where you and your dog are invited to get a workout and a good dose of fresh air. The Rio Grande Trail is a beautiful meander through sagebrush meadows and trees, with lots of good sniffs for dogs, and follows the old Denver and Rio Grande railroad route along the Roaring Fork River. Dogs are welcome to enjoy the Rio Grande Trail on a leash. Marolt Property Tracks connecting the west end of Aspen and the Aspen Golf Course is a perfect place for a quick jaunt with your dog to burn off steam close to town. In Snowmass, the Village Way is a fun, steep hike connecting Snowmass Village and the Snowmass Golf Course Tracks. Your dog (and you) will love the challenging workout on this Snowmass trail.

Dog-friendly Dining

What pooch wouldn’t love enjoying the lovely scents and people watching at some of Aspen’s finest eateries? Thankfully there are several local hotspots that welcome your dog to join in the dining pleasures of our culinary inspired town. Ajax Tavern, local hotspot for lunch at the base of Aspen Mountain, welcomes your dog to enjoy the fabulous people watching by your side as you savor their delicious and hearty high-end pub fare (like their world-famous truffle fries) in what is continually voted to be Aspen’s Best Outdoor Dining. Poppycock’s, one of Aspen’s favorite breakfast and lunch eateries, welcomes your pet to sit comfortably by your side while you enjoy a heaping plate of their famous oatmeal buttermilk pancakes. Kenichi, in the heart of downtown Aspen, allows your dog to tag along while you delight in some of Aspen’s best innovative sushi and seafood.

Winterskol’s Canine Fashion Show

aspen information, about aspen Colorado, pet friendly hotelsOne of the most unique winter canine activities in Aspen is the furry, funny Canine Fashion Show, part of Aspen’s annual Winterskol winter carnival in January. The cuddly event embraces canine couture and grooming prowess, and dog owners go all out to show off their four legged friends in Aspen style. Dog owners dress up as well as their pets, making for very entertaining people and pooch-watching!

R & R With Your Dog at Hotel Aspen

Where to stay with your dog in Aspen while enjoying all these fun furry-friend friendly activities? Look no further than sister hotels Molly Gibson Lodge and Hotel Aspen both of which welcome your dog with open arms. Molly’s spacious guest rooms with a vintage-modern vibe, as well as fabulous outdoor pool area and sunny decks and lawn spaces allow plenty of options for your dog to play and be pampered on his Aspen vacation!

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