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Jeff's blog

Aspen Chamber Resort Association Mixer

In October, 2010, Hotel Aspen showed off its recent improvements by hosting the Aspen Chamber Resort Association and its members at the organization's monthly mixer.  We were lucky enough to get several interviews, which appeared on local television in Aspen, CO. 

When the ski season ends in Aspen, the dogs truly do come out!

Truth be told, The K-9 Uphill at Buttermilk Mountain is really just a
great excuse for dogs to parade their humans up the mountain in
preparation for the mud season thaw and spring hiking season. It's a
unique event and this year was no exception. There was a fantastic
turn out, despite the ominous snow storm forecast, over a hundred pups
and human companions trekked up the slope. My companion, Barclay,
pulled me all the way to the top last year, so I had some high expectations.

Aspen Highlands Closing Day - What a Blast!

Aspen Highlands closed on Sunday, April 24 with a bang - literally.  The following was originally posted at and was written by Heather Hendricks 4/27/11.

Finishing up the 2010-2011 Ski Season in Aspen

From the Aspen Times online, published 3/20/11:

ASPEN — The clock is ticking on winter. In fact, it just tocked; Sunday, March 20 marks the first day of spring. And there are so many unchecked boxes on your winter to-do list.

Not Just Another Pet-Friendly Hotel in Aspen

One of our favorite bloggers featured Hotel Aspen on her site!  Jillian Livingston is a family travel writer and storyteller, videographer and blogger.   This excerpt is from her blog featuring the Hotel Aspen on November 1, 2010:

Another Pet-Friendly Hotel in Aspen