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Taking comfort to a whole new level.
Taking comfort to a whole new level.
Taking comfort to a whole new level.
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When the ski season ends in Aspen, the dogs truly do come out!

Truth be told, The K-9 Uphill at Buttermilk Mountain is really just a
great excuse for dogs to parade their humans up the mountain in
preparation for the mud season thaw and spring hiking season. It's a
unique event and this year was no exception. There was a fantastic
turn out, despite the ominous snow storm forecast, over a hundred pups
and human companions trekked up the slope. My companion, Barclay,
pulled me all the way to the top last year, so I had some high expectations.

As we lined up at the starting line at the base of the mountain, there
wasn't a loose leash in sight. I could tell that a few arms were going
to be sore tomorrow. You've never seen so many excited dogs in your
life. It's a starting gate that rivals the Kentucky Derby, well, at
least it is for the dogs.

We got off to a fast start and an hour later we were at the peak and it
was leashes off. Barclay went berserk, jumping on top of the doggy
treat table and taking down more than his share of pup energy treats.
I let him go nuts, might as well, he earned it.

The sky opened as we started our descent. One day I'll remember to
bring a sled. Barclay chased some skiers (that skinned up), a few sledders,
and Wally, the Labradoodle. At the bottom, we had a beer and picked up
a few grab bags worth of free dog gear, treats, and muffins from
Paradise Bakery.

It's a fun event. Something new worth trying. Bring a sled or better
yet a shovel.

And don't forget a pup!